Sunday, December 19, 2010

Erin is a HERO!

So last year Erin McClain found me..not even really sure how she did to be honest..but I think it had to do with Burners without Borders Detroit on the Facebook page.

It has been a pleasure communicated with her ever since…this year in January she showed up late to the Back packing event in my basement but it was a pleasure to meet her and her husband Craig when they did…they came with supplies too and left with full backpacks to distribute on the streets. I was happy she took some cuz she was one of the few who did as I don’t pressure people to hit the streets but encourage them if they do.

This month she was at Backpacking event on time and again with Craig and she brought her friend Carrie who works with and organization called HERO. She had been telling me about Carrie for some time so it was nice to meet her and she had about 8 packs with her to contribute to the cause.

What Carrie does with HERO is this as she wrote me in a facebook message;

Hi Danielle! I'm happy to help with what I can. HERO is the Homeless Empowerment Relationship Organization. I actually work for the collections company for HERO's clothing and shoe donation program. We have the black boxes all over southeastern Michigan. Their main focus is helping to "empower" the homeless through workshops and classes. All furniture that is given to HERO is used to help furnish housing for those coming through the programs. HERO works through MAP - Michigan Ability Partners and is also the clothing distributor for Michigan Prisoner Release program. I'll probably only have about 10 backpacks to add to the mix for this year - but will plan to collect them for next year! Thank you for doing such great work in the community!!! If I can't make it to do the packing - I'll make sure that Erin has the donations :-)

How wonderful is that? Erin made a wonderful connection for BWB Detroit and I am so thankful. I look forward to how Carrie told me she could possibly overwhelm me next year with backpacks…I asked her to try!!

Both of these ladies are now my hero's!



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