Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mittens for Detroit

Jimi Santigo is an angel in my life…and I am blessed he has found me.

Jimi is a quiet guy ..don’t really even know him, he is a friend of a friend really yet he helps out Burners without Borders in subtle ways like sending me links to stories of the homeless or topics that are on point.

He also recently informed me contacted a possible source for gloves & mittens. It's a charity called Mittens for Detroit. He told me they wanted more info about the homeless project and sent me his contacts number.

I contacted the person in charge of Mittens for Detroit as he questions that Jimi thought I was better able to answer.

I also found out by searching online that Mittens for Detroit was started by a star of the tv show Detroit 1-8-7, Erin Cummings; its Mission from the website says this; "Mittens for Detroit, the brainchild of Detroit 187 actress Erin Cummings, is a community initiative whose sole purpose is to collect and distribute new gloves and mittens to children and adults in the city of Detroit. "

Here is a bit of what I wrote to Jason the contact for the project;

To answer your questions Jason;

1) How many pairs would you need? That depends on how many back packs i get...i have about 50-60 now..i hope to have another 200 very soon.

2) What organizations get these packages? I started a chapter of Burners without Borders in Detroit where once backpacks are filled with items like; hats. gloves, hand warmers, canned protein, can openers juice..toiletries etc...i hit the streets and look for people who do not go to shelters.

3) How long does this initiative occur?it occurs from around November to March depending on how cold it gets...if the snow and temps drop earlier in the year i hit the streets then, if Spring takes a while to get here i stay out til she does! then i take the summer off from the streets but do small fundraisers throughout the year and start to collect items again in fall and continue through winter again.

Here is a link to the Back Packing party on Facebook; where i just found Mittens for Detroit- what a wonderful program and site!

I hope this answers your questions, here is a bit about Burners without Borders Detroit too !!


Though I never heard back from them I am really happy that this program exists inside the city! Way to go Erin Cummings…thank you for caring about Detroit.

And thank you Jimi for going above and beyond and contacting the organization with Burners without Borders Detroit in mind…that means the world to me!



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